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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

It's almost here! Countdown to Christmas with 16 of Martha's easiest craft, decor, and handmade gift ideas.

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Countdown to Christmas
  • CC12 E16 Christmas Baking Basics

    Martha shows you how she stocks her pantry before the whirlwind of winter baking begins. Plan ahead and you’ll be prepped for any sugary surprise.

  • CC12 E15 Homemade Maple Granola

    Martha makes this maple-flavored granola, packed up in festive fabric-topped jars, to give as gifts during the holiday season.

  • CC12 E14 Decorating Gingerbread Cookies

    Go into Martha’s kitchen with cookie decorator Dani Fiori as they bedazzle gingerbread cookies with shiny icing and shimmering glitter.

  • CC12 E13 Homemade Gift Card Holder

    Martha and crafter Kristin St. Clair cut out colorful patterned and glittered paper to make ornaments with a special gift card tucked inside.

  • CC12 E12 Graham Cracker Cottages

    Martha and crafter Jodi Levine make cute cottages out of graham crackers. Make a whole village and they’d be perfect for a Christmas centerpiece.

  • CC12 E11 Decorating Christmas Cupcakes

    Martha and cookie decorator Dani Fiori make a magical forest of Christmas tree cupcakes using an unexpected store-bought ingredient.

  • CC12 E10 Coffee Filter Wreath

    Martha makes a gorgeous wreath using unbleached coffee filters folded to create a ruffled effect. Tied with a contrasting jewel-toned ribbon, it’s pretty hung in a window or on your front door.

  • CC12 E9 Handmade Gift Card Holder Ornaments

    Martha and crafter Kristin St. Clair cut out colorful patterned and glittered paper to make ornaments with a special gift card tucked inside.

  • CC12 E8 Holiday Photo Card Ornament

    Martha makes glittering holiday cards featuring photos of family and friends. The recipient can hang the snowflakes, tied with a ribbon, on their tree.

  • CC12 E7 Handmade Stockings

    Martha makes stockings embellished with fuzzy felt creatures. These stockings are rustic chic, and a thoughtful homemade gift for a new addition to your family.

  • CC12 E6 Glittered Pinecone Gift Topper

    Martha and crafter Kristin St. Clair create clusters of glittered pinecones to make wrapped presents extra special.

  • CC12 E5 Chocolate Molasses Spice Cookies

    Martha makes these cookies, one of her favorite recipes, to give as gifts. Spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger, they taste like Christmas.

  • CC12 E4 Packable Lunch with Creamy Crudite Dip

    Martha and Creative Director Anduin Havens whip up a creamy crudite dip to bring to a potluck lunch at the Martha Stewart Living offices.

  • CC12 E3 Holiday Beauty Tips

    Martha’s makeup artist, Daisy Schwartzberg Toye, turns daytime makeup into a festive look perfect for holiday parties.

  • CC12 E2 Candied Walnuts

    Using a heavy-bottomed saucepan and four simple ingredients, gem-like candied walnuts may be arranged atop pies, cakes, cakes, or ice cream sundaes - but they're just as delicious on their own!

  • CC12 E1 Walnut Shortbread

    Crunchy, buttery shortbread that can be tied up with a festive bow and given as a gift.