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Celebrate: Summer Fun

Celebrate: Summer Fun

Celebrate: Summer Fun
  • MSS5 E152 Cinco de Mayo: Guacamole, Paella & Margaritas with Chef Rick Bayless

    May Celebration: Cinco de Mayo
    COOKING: Guacamole Bar with Chef Rick Bayless COOKING: Mexican Paella with Chef Rick Bayless COCKTAIL: Summer Margaritas with Chef Rick Bayless
    CRAFT: Fern Coasters with Kerry Washington
    FLORAL ARRANGING: Show & Tell Mother's Day Bouquets
    GOOD THING: Preservin...

  • MSS1 E107 Summer Good Things & Megan Mullally

    ESSENTIAL TOOL: Ice Cream Scoop
    INTERVIEW: Megan Mullally
    COOKING: Summer Cocktails with Megan Mullally CRAFT: Sea Glass Tabletop with Hannah Milman
    COOKING: Making Sorbet & Sorbet Toppings with Kimora Lee Simmons K
    GOOD THING: Chocolate-Covered Bananas

  • MSS1 E162 The Best of Summer Show: BBQ and Picnics

    COOKING: Turkey Burgers
    COOKING: Corn Relish
    CRAFT: Corn Print Packaging (for Corn Relish Gift)
    GOOD THING: Summertime Iced Tea (Coffee and Tea Ice Cubes)
    COOKING: Grill Basics with Chef Chris Schlesinger COOKING: Grilling Seafood with Chris Schlesinger
    GOOD THING: Grilled Cor...

  • MSS1 E159 The Best of Summer Show: From the Garden

    COOKING: Tomato Tart with John Barricelli
    GARDENING: Composting with Oscar the Grouch CELEBRATE: Rose Gift Wrap
    BAKING: Dirt Cake with Jane Heller (Dessert)
    LEARNING: Sweet Pea Arrangement
    GOOD THING: Making a Frog & Floral Arrangement

  • MSS1 E171 The Best of Summer Show: Fun Favorites

    COOKING: Granita with Lorraine Bracco
    CRAFT: Summer Sponge Ball with Lauren McGrath CRAFT: Summer Flip Flops with Lauren McGrath
    COOKING: Asado Sausages with Sasa Mahr-Butuz
    COOKING: Chimichurri with Sasa Mahr-Butuz
    COOKING: Asado Steak & Chops with Sasa Mahr-Butuz

  • MSS1 E174 The Best of Summer Show: Surf and Sand

    COOKING: Lobster Roll
    FIELD TRIP: Sandcastle Sculptures
    CRAFT: Sand Candles with Hannah Milman
    PETKEEPING/ASK MARC: Learning about "Surf and Turf" Pets
    COOKING: Red Snapper with Mint Pesto
    TAPE: "Whatever" Girls Visit the San Francisco Ferry Market

  • MSS1 E175 The Best of Summer Show: Entertaining

    FIELD TRIP: Martha Stewart Company BBQ at Martha's Home in Bedford
    LEARNING: Arranging Flowers with Jeff Leatham
    COOKING: Paella
    COOKING: Orange Sherbet Bombe (Ice Cream Dessert)
    COOKING: Watermelon Limeade
    GOOD THING: Shell and Sand Centerpiece

  • MSS2 E130 Summer Lobster & Fruit Salad; Warm Weather Pet Tips

    COOKING: Composed Fruit Salad
    COOKING: Lobster Rolls with Ed McFarland
    COOKING: Lobster Galette with Ed McFarland
    CRAFT: Bamboo Candle
    PETKEEPING: Summer Pet Care with Marc Morrone
    PETKEEPING: Traveling with Pets with Marc Morrone
    ASK MARC: Pet Questions

  • MSS2 E156 Light & Healthy Meals

    Light & Healthy Eating
    COOKING: Roasted Beet Salad with Rick Bayless
    COOKING: Seafood Tacos with Sue Torres
    ASK MARTHA: Summer Entertaining
    COOKING: Vegetable Dumplings with Michael Schulson
    COOKING: Salmon with Tom Douglas

  • MSS2 E168 Surf, Turf, and Satisfying Salad Suppers

    TAPE: Peeky Toe Crab
    COOKING: Making a Crab Sandwich
    COOKING: Grilled Scallops with Curtis Stone
    COOKING: Citizen Steak with Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Elizabeth Falkner
    ASK MARTHA: Summer Entertaining
    COOKING: Ricotta Cheese with George Germon and Johanne Killeen
    COOKING: Tender Bean S...

  • MSS2 E175 Patriotic Party & Fashion Designer Tom Ford

    INTERVIEW: Tom Ford
    FASHION: Men's Fashion Show with Tom Ford
    COOKING: Pecan Pralines with Tom Ford
    TAPE: Storm Safety
    BAKING: Flag Sheet Cake (Dessert for Patriotic Party)
    CELEBRATE: Patriotic Party Table (Decor)

  • MSS2 E177 Summer Entertaining with Jean-Georges Vongerichten & Geoffrey Rush

    INTERVIEW: Geoffrey Rush
    BAKING: Pavlova with Geoffrey Rush
    COOKING: Grilled Chicken with Kumquats and Lemongrass Dressing with Jean-Georges Vongerichten
    GOOD THING: Kids' Summer Road Trip Travel Kit
    GOOD THING: Sesame Wonton Crackers

  • MSS3 E141 The Kids' Show

    "Best of" Kids' Show
    COOKING: Homemade Baby Food
    COOKING: Cutting a Red Pepper with Jimmy
    COOKING: Orange Pancakes with Mira Vanchiswar
    CRAFT: Slime Kit with Ethan Goldberg
    CRAFT: Artwork Tote Bags
    CRAFT: Making Playdough with Kelly and Blaney
    PETKEEPING: Mini-Marc Morrone with Nick

  • MSS3 E153 Indoor Grilling with Emeril Lagasse & Cupcake Pops

    Cupcake Week
    BAKING: Cupcake Pops and Cupcake Cake Bites with Angie Dudley
    COOKING: Indoor Grilling (Grill Pan) with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    BAKING: Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallows with Jennifer Shea

  • MSS3 E167 Celebrate: Memorial Day

    "Best of" Memorial Day Show
    COCKTAIL: Berry Good Spritzer (Patriotic Drink)
    COOKING: Fried Chicken 101
    BAKING: Blueberry Crumble Pie
    PETKEEPING: All-American Dogs with Marc Morrone FIELD TRIP: Annin & Company Flag Makers
    COLLECTING: Patriotic Collectibles with Kit Hinrichs
    GOOD THING: Ho...

  • MSS4 E001 Season Four Premiere: Live from Bedford

    The Martha Stewart Show Season Four Premiere: Live from Martha's Home, Cantitoe Corners, in Bedford, New York
    TAPE: Aerial Views of Martha's Bedford Home
    COOKING: Molasses and Chile-Glazed Pork with Chef Chris Schlesinger
    LEARNING: Martha and Memrie Lewis in Marhta's Vegetable Garden (Harve...

  • MSS5 E158 Summer Cocktails & Crafts with Emma Thompson & Antonio Banderas

    BAKING: Berries and Cream Tartlets with Emma Thompson
    CRAFTS: Making Postcards with Hannah Milman and Big Bird
    COOKING: Croquettes with Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese with Antonio Banderas
    COCKTAIL: Sherry Summer Cocktail with Antonio Banderas
    CRAFTS: Glittered Stenciled T-Shirts and Tot...

  • MSL Season 8 Episode 475V

    - Turkey Paillard Sandwich
    - Bears
    - History of Mount Desert Island
    - Poison Ivy Identifier GT
    - Mudslide COW

  • MSL Season 8 Episode 472V

    - Summertime Iced Tea GT
    - FT - Diane Wallace's Garden
    - FT - Planting Stepping Stones
    - Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

  • MSL Season 8 Episode 471V

    - Summer Pantry Part 1 and 2
    - Summer Tablesetting
    - Lobster Salad

  • MSL Season 8 Episode 451V

    - Lettuce Glossary
    - Summer Salad
    - FT - Outdoor Spaces Part 1 and 2
    - FT - Outdoor Furniture Cover GT

  • MSL Season 8 Episode 442V

    - QC - Taco Dinner
    - MbM - Lip Balm Kit
    - Banana Blueberry Swirl Popsicles
    - Sandcastle Building Tool Kit
    - Making a Sandbox
    - Sandbox Cover

  • MSL Season 8 Episode 441V

    - Red White Blue Garland GT
    - Cherries Jubilee
    - Collecting Ironstone
    - Classic Blueberry Crumbcake

  • MSL Season 7 Episode 484V

    - Peanut Butter Fudge
    - Banana Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Part 1 and 2
    - Adirondack Furniture
    - Twig Vase
    - Arranging Flowers in Twig Vase
    - Instant Fruit Sorbet
    - Pet Vitamins