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Celebrate: Easter

Celebrate: Easter

Celebrate: Easter
  • Martha Loves: Eggs

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  • Decorating & Dyeing Eggs

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  • MSS1 E125 Decorating Easter Eggs and Cheesecake

    Easter Cooking, Easter Crafts, Decorating Easter Eggs
    COOKING: Cinnamon Tostada
    CRAFT: How to Blow Out an Egg with S. Epatha Merkerson CRAFT: Gilding and Marbleizing Eggs with S. Epatha Merkerson
    COOKING: Pan Searing Steak in a Cast Iron Skillet with Lucinda Scala Quinn
    COOKING: Easter Chee...

  • MSS1 E130 Celebrating Spring with Sharon Stone and Weddings with Darcy Miller

    BAKING: White Cake and Frosting with Sharon Stone
    COOKING: How to Frost a Cake with Sharon Stone
    CRAFT: Spring Flower Wedding Bouquet with Darcy Miller and Emily Weaver
    GOOD THING: Egg Favor Easter Basket

  • Martha Stewart's Egg-cellent Easter

  • MSS1 E134 Easter Baskets, Weddings Q&A, and The 5 Browns Musical Performance

    COOKING: How to Make a Chef Salad with Sheryl Lee Ralph
    ASK DARCY MILLER & MARTHA: Wedding Questions GOOD THING: Plastic Bucket Easter Basket
    GOOD THING: Easter Grass

  • MSS1 E138 Inspiring Easter Baskets and Souffle How-To

    INSPIRATION: Kevin Sharkey's Easter Baskets
    COOKING: Panko-Breaded Fish Sticks with Ashley Judd
    COOKING: Mango and Papaya Salad with Ashley Judd
    GOOD THING: Floral Lampshade
    COOKING: Souffle with Pastry Chef Eric Bertoia
    GOOD THING: Cleaning Cookware

  • MSS2 E122 Onion Dyeing Easter Eggs and Cookbook Author Joan Nathan

    CRAFT: Onion Dyeing Easter Eggs with Olympia Dukakis
    CRAFT: Natural Dyeing Methods for Easter Eggs with Olympia Dukakis N
    BEAUTY: Eyebrows with Eva Scrivo
    COOKING: Lemon Ricotta Poppyseed Pancakes with Joan Nathan
    COOKING: Ginger Scones with Cardamom with Joan Nathan

  • MSS2 E138 Hot Cross Buns, Paper Eggs, and Musical Performance by Josh Kelley

    BAKING: Hot Cross Buns with John Barricelli
    CRAFT: Crepe Paper Easter Eggs with Jodi Levine
    PERFORMANCE: Josh Kelley
    GOOD THING: Egg Drying Rack
    Easter Baking
    Easter Crafts

  • MSS2 E141 Easter Crafts and Ham & Kielbasa with Rachel Dratch

    Easter Crafts
    Easter Meal
    Tartan Week
    GOOD THING: Easter Candy
    CRAFT: Glittered Bunny Bouquet with "Glitter Lady" Laurie Davis
    CRAFT: Cabbage Basket for Table Setting and Vegetable Napkin Ring with "Glitter Lady" Laurie Davis
    GARDENING: Easter Flowers with Kevin Sharkey
    COOKING: Ham, Kie...

  • MSS3 E132 Enchiladas & Tres Leches Cake with Chef La La

    COOKING: Enchiladas Raquel with Chef Laura Diaz Brown (aka Chef La La)
    BAKING: Tres Leches Cake with Chef Laura Diaz Brown (aka Chef La La)
    CRAFT: Paper Quilling with Sandy Watson
    BAKING: Brown Butter Toffee Blondies
    GOOD THING: Packaging Toffee Blondies
    GOOD THING: Drying Cookie Cutters

  • MSS3 E133 "Best of" Easter Show: Martha Classics

    "Best of" Easter Show: Martha Classics
    CRAFT: Lace Eggs
    TAPE: Hot Cross Buns with Mrs. Kostyra
    TAPE: Babka with Mrs. Kostyra
    TAPE: Jacques Torres Easter Chocolates
    TAPE: Easter Favors
    TAPE: Neopolitan Easter Pie with John Barricelli

  • MSS3 E134 Easter Craft with Nathan Lane and Lamb Shanks with Chef Brad Farmerie

    CRAFT: Spring Branches with Bird's Nest
    CRAFT: Faux Chocolate Bunnies with Nathan Lane
    CELEBRATE: Easter Table Setting
    COOKING: Moroccan Braised Lamb Shanks with Chef Brad Farmerie
    Easter Dinner
    Easter Crafts
    Decorating for Easter

  • MSS3 E139 Glitter Easter Eggs with Conan O'Brien and Easter Pizza Piena

    CELEBRATE: Martha Stewart Show 500th Episode
    CRAFT: Glitter Eggs with Conan O'Brien
    CRAFT: Glitter Ham with Conan O'Brien
    COOKING: Easter Pizza Piena with Gerry and Nina
    TAPE: Favorite Field Trips
    GUEST: Bill Clinton

  • MSS4 E126 Easter Crafts and Petkeeping with Marc Morrone

    "Pack Your Own Lunch Week"
    COOKING: Soba Noodle Salad
    PETKEEPING: All About Bunnies with Marc Morrone
    PETKEEPING: Caring for Bunnies with Marc Morrone
    TAPE: Felt Exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
    CRAFT: Eggs in Nest Centerpiece with Crystal Hanehan
    Easter Crafts
    Learning About Bunnies a...

  • MSS4 E128 Baking an Easter Pie with Ray Liotta and Making a Salad Table

    "Pack Your Own Lunch Week"
    COOKING: Green Salad
    BAKING: Easter Pie with Ray Liotta
    GARDENING: Build a Salad Table with Jon Traunfeld

  • MSS4 E133 Easter Crafts, Easter Baking with Seth Meyers, and Compost Tea

    CRAFT: Speckled Egg Boxes
    BAKING: Hot Cross Buns with Seth Meyers
    CRAFT: Block Printing with Athena Preston A
    GARDENING: Compost Tea and Compost Tea System with Michael Alms
    Easter Crafts
    Easter Baking

  • MSS4 E134 Lamb Lollipops with Dan Aykroyd and Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs

    COOKING: Lamb Lollipops with Green Goddess Mint Dipping Sauce & Roasted Potatoes with Dan Aykroyd
    CRAFT: Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs with Jackie Blais
    CELEBRATE: Arranging Flowers for Easter with Kevin Sharkey
    CRAFT: Fabric Silhouettes for Easter
    GARDENING: Pussy Willow Tree
    Easter Crafts

  • MSS4 E138 Decorating Easter Eggs and Turkey Roulade with Chef Emeril Lagasse

    CRAFT: How to Blow Out an Egg
    CRAFT: Decoupaging Eggs
    CELEBRATE: Spring Bulb Arrangements with Rupert Everett
    COOKING: Turkey Roulade with Wild Rice & Rhubarb Cherry Sauce with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    GARDENING: Hardening Off and Transplanting Seedlings
    Easter Crafts
    Decorating Easter Eggs

  • MSS5 E119 "Brookie" with Matt Lewis and Decorating for Easter

    BAKING: "Brookie" (Brownie and Cookie) with Matt Lewis
    PETKEEPING: Prize Pets with Marc Morrone
    CRAFT: Spun Cotton Easter Bunny with Crystal Hanehan
    CRAFT: Easter Candy Terrariums
    GOOD THING: Stacking Boxes
    Easter Crafts
    Decorating for Easter
    Easter Baking

  • MSS5 E124 Maple-Glazed Ham and Biscuits; Fabric and Sewing Crafts

    CRAFT: Martha Stewart's "Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts"
    CRAFT: Drawstring Pouches
    COOKING: Maple-Mustard Glazed Ham and Maple Thyme Biscuits with Ann Curry
    CELEBRATE: Easter Flowers with Jim McCann
    GOOD THING: Basic Sewing Supplies
    Easter Crafts
    Easter Dinner

  • MSS5 E125 The Chicken Show and Decorating Easter Eggs

    The Chicken Show
    TAPE: Author Susan Orlean
    LEARNING: Chicks and Chickens with Traci Torres
    LEARNING: Chicken Glossary with Jan Brett
    CRAFTS: Decorating Easter Eggs
    COOKING: The Eggie with Darius Salko
    LEARNING: with Terry Golson
    REFERENCE: Stephen Green

  • MSS5 E126 Easter Egg Crafts

    GUEST: Raquel Welch
    CRAFT: Papier-Mache Egg Containers with Kristin St. Clair
    LEARNING: Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom on Animal Planet with Dr. Lynn Rogers
    COOKING: Moo Shu Pork with Sarah Carey
    CRAFT: Fabric Easter Egg with Hosanna Houser

  • MSS7 E119 Easter Show with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

    Easter Show
    COOKING: Grilled Ramp and Asparagus Quiche with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian
    GARDENING: Easter Centerpiece with Livia Cetti
    CRAFT: Bunny Place Card
    COOKING: Shaved Spring Vegetable Salad with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian
    CRAFT: Cello Jelly Bean Carrot