Celebrate: Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate: Cinco de Mayo

Martha demonstrates delicious margaritas, and shares recipes for guacamole, enchiladas, tres leches cake, and more.

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Celebrate: Cinco de Mayo
  • MSS1 E160 Cinco de Mayo, Guava Margaritas & Mexican Fondue with Chef Sue Torres

    May Celebration: Cinco de Mayo
    GOOD THING: Embellished Slippers with Vanessa Marcil
    ARRANGING FLOWERS: Oriental Lilies with Vanessa Marcil
    COOKING: Red Lettuce Salad with Ana Gasteyer
    COCKTAIL: Guava Margaritas with Chef Sue Torres
    COOKING: Mexican Fondue with Chorizo & Chiles with Chef...

  • MSS2 E158 Cinco de Mayo: Chef Roberto Santibanez & Crab Cakes with Robert Duvall

    May Celebration: Cinco de Mayo
    NEWSMAKER: Nola Oches (95-Year-Old College Graduate)
    COOKING: Crab Cakes & Tartar Sauce with Robert Duvall
    CELEBRATE: Cinco de Mayo Decorations
    COCKTAIL: Watermelon-Basil Margarita
    COOKING: Beef Enchiladas with Chef Roberto Santibanez
    HOW-TO: Peeling a Mang...

  • MSS3 E132 Enchiladas & Tres Leches Cake with Chef La La

    COOKING: Enchiladas Raquel with Chef Laura Diaz Brown (aka Chef La La)
    BAKING: Tres Leches Cake with Chef Laura Diaz Brown (aka Chef La La)
    CRAFT: Paper Quilling with Sandy Watson
    BAKING: Brown Butter Toffee Blondies
    GOOD THING: Packaging Toffee Blondies
    GOOD THING: Drying Cookie Cutters

  • MSS5 E152 Cinco de Mayo: Guacamole, Paella & Margaritas with Chef Rick Bayless

    May Celebration: Cinco de Mayo
    COOKING: Guacamole Bar with Chef Rick Bayless COOKING: Mexican Paella with Chef Rick Bayless COCKTAIL: Summer Margaritas with Chef Rick Bayless
    CRAFT: Fern Coasters with Kerry Washington
    FLORAL ARRANGING: Show & Tell Mother's Day Bouquets
    GOOD THING: Preservin...

  • MSS6 E143 Bike Safety & Maintenance and Cinco de Mayo with Nora Singley

    May Celebration: Cinco de Mayo
    Bike Safety & Maintenance
    HOW-TO: Do-It-Yourself Bike Maintenance with Emilia Crotty
    COOKING: Braised Ponzu Chicken with Mexican Corn Cakes with Nora Singley
    INTERVIEW: Author Tracey Jackson ("Between a Rock and a Hot Place")
    CRAFT: Peg Board Craft with Sea...

  • MSL Season 6 Episode 234V Tortillas, Tamales & Tomatillo Salsa with Rick Bayless

    - Red Chili Pork Tamales
    - Roasted Tomatillo Chipotle Salsa
    - Making Tortillas
    - Ask Martha: Deer Resistant Plants & Night-Blooming Flowers
    - Ask Martha: Herb Butters & White Chocolate
    - Ask Martha: Caring for Marble Countertops & Static Cling

  • MSL Season 6 Episode 244V Mexican Pantry & Chipotle Chicken with Ricky Bayless

    - Stocking a Pantry with Mexican Ingredients
    - Chipotle Chicken with Creamy Spinach
    - GOOD THING: Hot Chocolate
    - Ask Martha: Pots & Pans
    - Ask Martha: Soups & Stews
    - Ligurian Lemon Cake

  • MSL Season 6 Episode 353V Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Fiesta

    - Tomato Salsa
    - Tropical Salsa & Tortilla Chips
    - Ask Martha: Vinegar Pie
    - Ask Martha: White Chocolate
    - TOOL OF THE WEEK: Citrus Reamer
    - Perfect Margarita
    - Ask Martha: Bullseye Salsa
    - Ask Martha: Hot Peppers
    - Ask Martha: Cactus

  • MSL Season 10 Episode 101V Mexican Buffet

    - Punch Tin Napkin Rings
    - Mexican Paper Decorations
    - Arranging Flowers for Mexican Fiesta
    - Setting Up Mexican Buffet
    - Red Snapper Veracruz-Style
    - PLANT OF THE WEEK: Cycad

  • MSL Season 11 Episode 095V Melting Pot: Mexico & Tamales with Diana Kennedy

    - Mexican Tequila
    - Calamari
    - PETKEEPING: Chihuahuas 101
    - Peppers in Pots
    - Tamales with Diana Kennedy
    - PLANT OF THE WEEK: Agave
    - Tequila Glossary