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Watch this video and more on Martha Stewart TV

Watch this video and more on Martha Stewart TV

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  • MSS4 E121 The Dog Show

    The Dog Show
    SHOW OPEN: Martha Walks Out with French Bulldogs Francesca & Sharkey
    CHAT: Martha References Audience of Rescue Dogs (and their Owners)
    CHAT: Martha's "The Daily Wag" Blog
    CHAT: Maria Veit & "The Wizard of Oz" Dog Trainer
    TAPE PIECE: Missouri Humane Society
    CRAFT: Recycli...

  • MSS3 E137 The Best of Pets with Marc ...

    SHOW OPEN: Martha talks about Meeting Marc Morrone for the first time
    ASKMARTHA: Martha answers viewer pet questions
    TAPE PIECE: Pets in the Home with Marc Morrone (Marc's first time on show)
    TAPE PIECE: Friendly Fowl with Marc Morrone
    TAPE PIECE: Goldfish 101 with Marc Morrone and Elmo
    TAPE ...

  • MSS3 E112 Abigail Breslin; Westminste...

    SHOW OPEN: Martha Greets Westminster-Winning French Bulldog M
    TAPE PIECE: Westminster Dog Show
    INTRO & CHAT: David Frei Walks On with Westminster Winning Dog "Uno"
    CRAFT: "Secret Message" Valentines with Abigail Breslin
    FLOWERS: Pussy Willow Arrangement
    BAKING: Warm Chocolate C...