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Kick Off the Holidays!

Kick Off the Holidays!

Kick Off the Holidays!
  • MSS S1 E063V 12 Days of Christmas; Marilu Henner

    INTRO: Woodland-themed Tree & Marilu Henner
    COOKING: Whole Roasted Fish with Fennel with Marilu Henner
    COOKING: Side Dish with Marilu Henner
    TAPE PIECE: What's Really for Dinner
    CRAFT: Carnival Christmas Stockings with Melissa Neufeld
    GOOD THING: Candy Cane Centerpiece

  • MSS S1 E064V 12 Days of Christmas; Ann Curry; Nancy O'Dell; DiSanto Sisters

    INTRO: Winter Wonderland-themed Tree; Ann Curry
    COOKING: Cheeseballs with Ann Curry
    CRAFT: Glitter Snowflakes with Nancy O'Dell
    BAKING: Christmas Cookies with the DiSanto Sisters
    GOOD THING: Roasted Chestnuts

  • MSS S1 E066V 12 Days of Christmas; Anita Baker; Petkeeper Marc Morrone

    INTRO: Friendship Tree & Anita Baker
    COOKING: Smothered Chicken with Anita Baker
    PETKEEPING with Marc Morrone
    BAKING AND PACKAGING: Ice Box Crackers
    PERFORMANCE: Anita Baker Performs "I'll be home for Christmas"

  • MSS S1 E067V 12 Days of Christmas; Kathie Lee Gifford

    INTRO: Birds of a Feather Tabletop Tree & Kathie Lee Gifford
    CRAFT: Tree Candles with Kathie Lee Gifford
    PERFORMANCE: Christian Atayde Stoinev & Scooby
    BAKING: Stollen with Susannah Dickey
    GOOD THING: Clothespin Wreath for Greeting Cards

  • MSS S1 E069V Escarole & Meatball Soup with Il Divo; Holiday Sugar Cookies

    INTRO: Cookie Tree
    CRAFT: Cookie Cutter Ornament
    COOKING: Escarole and Meatball Soup with Il Divo
    PERFORMANCE: Il Divo Perform "O Holy Night"
    BAKING: Holiday Cookies with Danielle Boglivi & Tamara Dilworth
    TAPE PIECE: Helen Ficalora Jewelry
    GOOD THING: Christmas Tree Placecards

  • MSS S1 E073V Cook & Craft with Patti LaBelle; Holiday Memories with Big Martha

    TAPE PIECE: Christmas Tree Charities
    INTRO: Crown Roast of Pork with Patti LaBelle
    CRAFT: Icicle Ornaments with Patti LaBelle
    TAPE PIECE: "Hour Children"
    PERFORMANCE: Patti LaBelle
    REMEMBERING: Christmas with Big Martha

  • MSS S1 E074V Hanukkah Latkes; Holiday Cocktails & Appetizers with Roger Bart

    INTRO: Lego Christmas Tree & Roger Bart
    ENTERTAINING: Bloody Mary's & Cheese Strata with Roger Bart
    CHAT: The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Cast Offs
    CELEBRATING: Potato Latkes
    GOOD THING: Sugar-Rimmed Champagne Glasses

  • MSS S1 E075V Gingerbread with Bonnie Hunt; Pasta with Chef Dave Pasternack

    INTRO: The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Winner Announcement
    INTRO & CHAT: Bonnie Hunt
    BAKING: Gingerbread with Bonnie Hunt
    ASK MARTHA: Martha & The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Winner
    COOKING: Spaghetti with Seafood & Chile with Chef Dave Pasternack
    PERFORMANCE: Iyengar Yoga

  • MSS S2 E048V The Bundt Pan Show; Stanley Tucci

    The Bundt Pan Show
    20 MORE THINGS...#10: How to Clean a Computer
    COOKING: Risotto alla Milanese with Stanley Tucci
    COOKING: Risotto Cakes with Stanley Tucci
    TAPE PIECE: Poilane Bakery (Paris)
    BAKING: Sweet Potato Bourbon Cake with Dorothy "Dotty" Dalquist

  • MSS S2 E057V Winter Bulbs with John Leguizamo; Christmas Tree Varieties

    #1 of 20 MORE THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: How to Assemble a Car Safety Kit
    GARDENING: How to force Amaryllis & Narcissus with John Leguizamo
    CRAFT: Holiday Photo Cards with Kodak
    LEARNING: Christmas Tree Varieties with Chris Boteck
    GOOD THING: How to String Lights on a Christmas Tree

  • MSS S2 E065V Greek Honey Cookies with Arianna Huffington; Poinsettias

    INTRO & TAPE PIECE: Holiday Party
    GOOD THING: Poinsettia
    BAKING: Melomarkarona (Greek Honey Cookies) with Arianna Huffington
    BAKING: Sweet and Salty Cake with Matt Lewis & Kristine Moberg (Baked)

  • MSS S2 E066V Holiday Handmade Gifts; Bette Midler; Chef Michel Richard

    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Wine Label Album Kit
    INTRO & CHAT: Bette Midler
    HOW-TO: How to Darn with Bette Midler
    BAKING: Apple Fritters with Bette Midler
    KITCHEN EQUIPMENT 101: Cutting with a Benriner (Vegetable Slicer) with Chef Michel Richard
    COOKING: Eggplant-Stuffed Salmon with Chef Michel Richar...

  • MSS S2 E067V Holiday Handmade Gifts; Chef Rick Bayless; Taylor Hicks

    LEARNING: Ribbons 101
    COOKING: Smoky Braised Mexican Pumpkin with Chef Rick Bayless
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Shrunken Sweater Project with Megen Lee
    LEARNING: Taylor Hicks Shows Martha How to Play the Harmonica
    CRAFT: Holiday Garland with Taylor Hicks
    PERFORMANCE: Taylor Hicks Performs "The Runaround"

  • MSS S2 E070V Handmade Holiday Gifts; Miss Piggy; Chef Tom Douglas

    INTRO: Twine Ball Ornament & Miss Piggy
    BAKING: Chocolate Peppermint Cookies with Miss Piggy
    HANDMADE HOLIDAYS GIFT: Silk Scarf with Anne Hathaway
    COOKING: Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & Crab Foo Young with Chef Tom Douglas

  • MSS S2 E072V Handmade Holiday Gifts; Mary-Louise Parker; Hanukkah Latkes

    FLOWERS: Amaryllis Arrangement
    CRAFT: Wool Blanket with Mary-Louise Parker
    CELEBRATING: Making Latkes with Alex Witchel
    BAKING: Honey Pie with Gabrielle Langholtz (Stone Barns Pie Winner)

  • MSS S2 E073V Patti LaBelle; Chef Geoffrey Zakarian; Collecting Ornaments

    INTRO: Email Etiquette
    COLLECTING: Ornament Collecting with Ernie Berger
    CRAFT: Celebrity Ornament Tree with Patti LaBelle
    COOKING: Spiced Short Ribs with Geoffry Zakarian
    PERFORMANCE: Patti LaBelle
    GOOD THING: Japanese Gift Wrapping

  • MSS S3 E066V Handmade Holiday Gifts; Andrea Bocelli

    LEARNING: Firewood 101
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Pear Pate de Fruit with Christopher Harkness
    TAPE PIECE: Russ & Daughters
    CELEBRATING: Hanukkah Latkes
    PERFORMANCE: Andrea Bocelli
    GOOD THING: Flannel Sheet

  • MSS S4 E060V Holiday Entertaining; Cocktails; Home Bar Set-Up; Chef Vitaly Paley

    COOKING: Roast Duck with Cherries with Chef Vitaly Paley
    BAKING: Savory Bread Pudding with Chef Vitaly Paley
    HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING: Setting Up a Bar with Kevin Sharkey
    ENTERTAINING: Holiday Glassware
    HOLIDAY COCKTAILS: Blizzard, Candy Cane, & Winter Solstice Mint & Berry Mistletoe...

  • MSS S4 E061V Christmas Cookie Week; Handmade Holiday Gifts; Rufus Wainwright

    INTRO: Christmas Cookie Week & Rufus Wainwright
    BAKING: Kate's Ski Biscuit Cookies with Rufus Wainwright
    MONEY-SAVING TIP: Storing Bulk Food with Food Saver
    CRAFT: Homemade Gift Tags with Caroline Stender
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Bath Salts & Body Oil with Michael Blake

  • MSS S4 E062V The Ball Jar Show; Handmade Holiday Gifts; Christmas Cookie Week

    Christmas Cookie Week and Ball Jar Show
    USING BALL JARS: Storing Twine, Sewing Kit, Salt Scrub, Marcona Almonds, Honey, Cranberry Vodka, Hot Cocoa Mix, Marinated Olives, Fruit Preserves, & Flower Arrangements
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Spiced Maple-Glazed Pecans Packaged in Ball Jars

  • MSS S4 E063V Christmas Cookie Week; Paula Abdul; Handmade Holiday Gifts

    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Repotting Agave in Decorative Pots
    BAKING: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies with Paula Abdul
    COOKING: Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Ganache
    TAPE PIECE: Pasanella & Son Vintner (Martha's Lunch Hour)
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Papier-Mache Pull Toys with Katie Steuernagle

  • MSS S4 E065V Christmas Cookie Week; Hanukkah Craft with Jeff Goldblum

    Christmas Cookie Week and Hanukkah
    INTRO & CRAFT: Manzanita-Branch Menorah with Jeff Goldblum (MSL, 12/08, p. 92)
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Bloody Mary Mix & Packaging
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Classic Sugar Cookies & Icing Tips with Dani Fiori
    HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT: Fish-in-a-Bag (Homemade Soap)

  • MSS S4 E066V Creole Christmas Dinner with Chef Emeril Lagasse; Evergreens

    INTRO: Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Creole Christmas Dinner with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    CREOLE CHRISTMAS DINNER: Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish & Black Pepper Crust with Homemade Worcestershire with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    CREOLE CHRISTMAS DINNER: Potatoes a la Boulangere & Roasted Asparagus with Cherry ...

  • MSS S5 E064V The Christmas Sweater & Cookie Show; Snoop Dogg; Renee Fleming

    Christmas Cookie & Christmas Sweater Show
    INTRO: Renee Fleming & Snoop Dogg
    BAKING: Brownies with Green Sprinkles with Snoop Dogg
    BAKING: Snowglobe Sugar Cookie with Dani Fiori (MSL, 12/09, p. 165)
    LEARNING: Year in Review with Heather Cabot (Yahoo!)
    BAKING: Spritz Cookies with Renee Fleming