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Everything Thanksgiving

Everything Thanksgiving

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Everything Thanksgiving
  • MSS S1 E056 Thanksgiving Side Dishes with Patti LaBelle

    SHOW OPEN: Martha Answers View Thanksgiving-Prep Questions
    INTRO & CHAT: Patti LaBelle
    COOKING: Collard Greens with Patti LaBelle
    BAKING: Classic Biscuits with Patti LaBelle
    ASK THE COOKS: Martha and Patti LaBelle Answer Viewer Thanksgiving-Prep Questions

  • MSS S2 E044 Thanksgiving Side Dishes with Joan Collins & How to Set Up a Buffet

    SHOW OPEN: Martha Shows Holiday Cards
    THANKSGIVING TIP: Time to Order Thanksgiving Turkey
    20 MORE THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: #15 How to Set Up a Buffet
    INTRO & CHAT: Thanksgiving Menu with Joan Collins
    COOKING: Cranberry-Grape Compote with Joan Collins
    COOKING: Pan-Roasted Balsamic Onions wit...

  • MSS S3 E047 Martha's Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

    SHOW OPEN: Martha's Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu
    TURKEY 101: Kitchen Gadgets & Tools
    COOKING: Porcini, Chestnut, and Sausage Stuffing (MSL, November 2007)
    COOKING: How to Stuff a Turkey
    COOKING: Sugar-Glazed Pearl Onions (Everyday Food, November 2007)
    COOKING: Sweet Potato Spoon Bread (Everyday Foo...

  • MSS S2 E053 Robin Williams, Award-Winning Pie & Harvesting Cranberries

    SHOW OPEN & THANKSGIVING TIP: Preparing Storable Thanksgiving Side Dishes
    20 MORE THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: #6 How to Eat a Whole Fish
    STONE BARNS PIE CONTEST WINNER: Rebecca Beaton (2nd Place)
    BAKING: Concord Grape Pie with Rebecca Beaton
    TAPE PIECE: Harvesting Cr...

  • MSS S3 E050 New Orleans-Style Thanksgiving with Chef Emeril Lagasse

    SHOW OPEN/SECRET SOURCE : Chat with Jane Scott Hodges, Owner of Leontine Linens (New Orleans)
    INTRO & CHAT: Bacon & Herb Roasted Turkey Breast with Sage & Butter with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Oyster Dressing with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Seafood Gumbo with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Fen...

  • MSS S3 E056 The Thanksgiving Hotline Show & Pumpkin Pie with Andy Samberg

    SHOW OPEN: Thanksgiving Hotline Show with Test Kitchen Staff: Lucinda, Allie, Sarah, & Nikki
    BAKING: Pumpkin Pie with Andy Samberg
    COOKING: Stewed Green Beans with Poblanos with Lucinda
    COOKING: Spinach and Cheese Puff with Allie
    GOOD THING: How to Carve a Turkey with Andy Samberg
    ASK ALEXIS & J...

  • MSS S3 E054 Tribute to Mrs. Kostyra; Thanksgiving Side Dishes & Centerpieces

    TAPE PIECE: Tribute to Mrs. Kostyra
    COOKING: Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Tommy Hilfiger
    COOKING: Cranberry-Ginger Relish with Tommy Hilfiger
    TAPE PIECE: Heritage Turkey Breeds
    FLOWER ARRANGING: Thanksgiving Centerpieces with Michael George
    SECRET SOURCE: Felix Doolittle Stationery

  • MSS S4 E047 Mashed Potatoes with Snoop Dogg; Crème Brulee with Chef Curtis Stone

    INTRO & CHAT: Snoop Dogg
    COOKING: Big Martha's Mashed Potatoes with Snoop Dogg
    CRAFT: Thanksgiving Stenciled Napkin and Table Runner
    TAPE PIECE: Maine Coast Heritage
    COOKING: Espresso Crème Brulee with Chef Curtis Stone

  • MSS S4 E049 Thanksgiving Meal Preparation 101

    SHOW OPEN: Audience Members Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for the First Time
    COOKING: Bone, Butterfly, and Stuff a Turkey
    COOKING: Wrap in Cheesecloth, Roast, and Slice a Turkey
    COOKING: Preparing a Dry Brine for a Turkey; Make Stuffing
    COOKING: Stuff & Truss Turkey
    COOKING: Making Gravy
    ASK MARTH...

  • MSS S4 E053 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Questions & Classic Side Dishes

    SHOW OPEN: Last-Minute Thanksgiving Questions
    INTRO & CHAT: Movie Inspirations with Baz Luhrmann
    INTRO & CHAT: Movie Costume Design with Catherine Martin
    COOKING: How to Roast and Bake Vegetables (Roasted Autumn Harvest Salad)
    COOKING: How to Make a Gratin (Potato and Turnip Gratin)

  • MSS S5 E047 Alternative (Vegetarian) Thanksgiving Show

    INTRO & CHAT: Alternative (Vegetarian) Thanksgiving Show with "Food, Inc." Filmmaker Robert Kenner
    CHAT: Farmer Joel Salatin
    COOKING: Celery Root, Persimmon, and Swiss Chard "Stuffing" with Chef Jeremy Fox
    COOKING: Brussels Sprouts Leaves and Crunchy Garden Radishes with Chef Jeremy Fox
    "EATING ...

  • MSS S4 E054 Thanksgiving Dinner with Chef Emeril Lagasse

    INTRO & CHAT: Chef Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Thanksgiving Dinner for 4-6 with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Roasted Turkey Breast with Natural Jus and Mushrooms
    COOKING: Brown Butter and Sage Stuffing
    COOKING: Nutty Brussels Sprouts
    "AMERICAN FARMER": Chat with Author Paul Mobley and Farmers "Cousi...

  • MSS S5 E052 Elegant Thanksgiving Side Dishes with Chef Michael Anthony

    SHOW OPEN: Making Gravy
    COOKING: Celery Root Soup with Brussels Sprouts and Chestnuts with Chef Michael Anthony
    COOKING: Butternut Squash Custard with Poached Quince and Pine Nuts with Chef Michael Anthony
    COOKING: Cranberry-Pear Chutney
    GOOD THING: Freezing Cranberries
    ENTERTAINING: Thanksgiving...

  • MSS S6 E045 Thanksgiving Dessert Show

    BAKING: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with Michael Kors
    COOKING: Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Thomas Joseph
    BAKING: Pumpkin Cream Pie with Jennifer Aaronson (MSL, November 2010)
    COOKING: Whipped Cream with Jennifer Aaronson
    ASK MARTHA: Answer Audience Cooking Questions
    FASHION: Resort Fashion Show ...

  • MSS S6 E043 Roast Turkey and Table Settings with Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    INTRO & CHAT: Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    COOKING: Perfect Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Gravy with Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    ENTERTAINING: Thanksgiving Table Settings (MSL, November 2010)
    GOOD THING: How to Enlarge Your Table Using Plywood
    COOKING: Neil's Pancakes with Neil Kleinberg (Clinton Stre...

  • MSS S6 E046 Thanksgiving with Chef Emeril Lagasse

    COOKING: Turkey Breast with Roasted Garlic, Fresh Herbs, and Roasted Carrots with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    COOKING: Savory Smoked Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding with Chef Emeril Lagasse
    ENTERTAINING: Turkey Centerpiece Using Seasonal Vegetables with Olivier Giugni
    TAPE PIECE: Dan Hinkley's Garden

  • MSS S6 E047 Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

    BAKING: Apple Crostata with Henrik Lundqvist (MSL, November 2010)
    COOKING: Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner with Harold McGee (
    COOKING: Venison "Un" Stuffing with Chef Jason Franey (Canlis Restaurant, Seattle, WA)
    COOKING: Slow-Roasted Washington State Heritage Turkey wit...

  • MSS S6 E049 Festive Cocktails with Andy Garcia; Everyday Food Thanksgiving

    FESTIVE COCKTAILS: Rosemary Vodka Tonic (MSL, December 2010) and Kumquat Sour with Andy Garcia
    BAKING: Cheddar Biscuits with Andy Garcia
    COOKING: Roast Turkey with Rosemary, Lemon, Mushroom, and Walnut Stuffing with Sarah Carey (Everyday Food, November 2010)
    COOKING: White-Wine Gravy with Sarah C...

  • MSS S6 E053 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips; Chef Bill Taibe and Susie Middleton

    ASK MARTHA: Last-Minute Thanksgiving Questions
    COOKING: Turkey Breast Stuffed with Sausage, Sage, and Hazelnuts with Chef Bill Taibe (Le Farm)
    COOKING: Cider-Braised Turkey Legs with Chef Bill Taibe (Le Farm)
    COOKING: Vanilla and Cardamom-Glazed Acorn Squash Rings with Author Susie Middleton

  • MSS S6 E050 Selecting a Turkey; Appetizers with Colin Quinn; Holiday Home Bar

    SHOW OPEN: Selecting a Thanksgiving Turkey
    SHOW & TELL: 4 Turkey Options
    COOKING: Mini Ribs with Colin Quinn
    COOKING: Hot Crab Dip with Colin Quinn
    HOW TO: Setting Up a Home Bar for the Holidays with Kevin Sharkey
    DÉCOR: Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement in a Birch Container with Lewis Miller

  • MSS S7 E046 Thanksgiving Recipes with Chef Tom Douglas

    COOKING: Ancho Sage Turkey with Pan-Roasted Onions with Tom Douglas
    COOKING: Brown Butter Kale with Maple Molasses Pecans and Dried Cranberries with Tom Douglas
    DÉCOR: Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Meredith Waga Perez (Belle Fleur)
    BAKING: Pumpkin Pecan Tart with Thomas Joseph

  • MSS S6 E052 The Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Show

    COOKING: Leftover Turkey Chili with Cheesy Cornbread Topping with Doris Roberts
    CRAFT: Paper Bag Turkey with Sara Westbrook
    COOKING: Mad Hungry Pocket Pies with Lucinda Scala Quinn
    COOKING: Turkey, Sweet Potato, and Watercress Salad with Lucinda Scala Quinn
    COOKING: Martha's Turkey Sandwich

  • MSS S7 E048 The Thanksgiving Hotline Show: Your Turkey-Day Dilemmas Solved

    SHOW OPEN: Into Thanksgiving Hotline Experts (Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, Greta Anthony, Jane Sweeney, Meghan Coyne, and Courtney Knapp)
    ASK MARTHA: Martha and Chefs Answer Questions
    COOKING: Thanksgiving Fixes with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli
    COOKING: Baked Onion with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli
    COOKING: T...