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Celebrate: Mother's Day

Celebrate: Mother's Day

Remember mom (or the mother figure in your life) with Martha's handmade gift how-to, a loving arranged bouquet of flowers, or a mouthwatering brunch.

Celebrate: Mother's Day
  • A Tribute to Martha's Mother

  • MSS1 007 Mrs. Kostyra's Birthday

    Mrs. Kostyra's Birthday
    TAPE: Mrs. Kostyra's Guest Appearances
    CELEBRATING: Personalizing a Party with Anya Hindmarch
    TAPE: Law & Order
    BAKING: Carrot Cake
    TAPE: Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai in New Your City
    PERFORMANCE: Mrs. Kostyra's Grandson Christopher Sings "Once ...

  • MSS1 E144 Crafts for Kids & Raspberry Rhubarb Cobbler

    TAPE: Groundbreaking at Mount Sinai for The Martha Stewart Center for Living
    TAPE: Martha's Lunch Hour at St. Ambrose & Purl Knitting
    COOKING: Raspberry Rhubarb Biscuit Cobblers
    GOOD THING: Piggy Bank Made from a Water Bottle with Van Foley
    CRAFT: Baby-Block Trimmed Mirror with Drew Lachey...

  • MSS1 E164 May Celebrations and Performance by Kenny Rogers

    Mother's Day Show/May Celebrations
    PERFORMANCE: Kenny Rogers
    CRAFT: Faux Bois Tray with Kenny Rogers K
    PERFORMANCE: Kenny Rogers
    BAKING: Hummingbird Cupcake with Pineapple

  • MSS3 E061 Steamed Pork Buns with Chef David Chang

    TRIBUTE: Martha talks about the envelope her mother, Mrs. Kostyra, left for her after her death
    COOKING: Steamed Pork Buns with Chef David Change
    COLLECTING: Presidential Memorabilia with Barry Landau
    CRAFT: Felted Acorn Pin and Pendant
    CRAFT: Glittered Acorn Box

  • MSS3 E062 The Best of Mrs. "Big Martha" Kostyra

    The Best of Mrs. Kostyra's Guest Appearances
    TAPE: Stuffed Cabbage
    TAPE: Potato Pierogi
    TAPE: Meatloaf
    TAPE: Ask Martha with Mrs. Martha Kostyra
    TAPE: Chrusciki (Bow Tie Cookies)
    TAPE: Borscht
    GOOD THING: Preserving Memories

  • MSS4 E137 Martha Stewart Staff Family Recipes

    Martha Stewart Staff Demonstrate their Family Favorite Recipes
    COOKING: Ya Ya's Spanakopita with Staff Member Aaron Caramanis (Arron's mother, MaryAnn Scolinos & grandmother, Mary Scolinos, in the audience)
    COOKING: Chicken Enchilada Casserole with Staff Member Mary Curran (Mary's mom in audie...

  • MSS3 E054 Tribute to Mrs. Kostyra & Thanksgiving Side Dishes with Tommy Hilfiger

    TAPE: Tribute to Mrs. Kostyra
    COOKING: Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Tommy Hilfiger
    COOKING: Cranberry-Ginger Relish with Tommy Hilfiger
    TAPE: Heritage Turkeys
    ARRANGING FLOWERS: Thanksgiving Centerpieces with Michael George
    SECRET SOURCE: Stationary from Felix Doolittle

  • MSS3 E174 Mother's Day Show with Jacques Torres & Performance by Melissa Errico

    Mother's Day Show
    BAKING: Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake with Melissa Errico
    GIVING: Tech Gifts for Mom with Suzanne Kantra
    COOKING: Chocolate Clutch with Jacques Torres
    PERFORMANCE: Melissa Errico
    TAPE: Montage of Mrs. Kostyra

  • MSS4 E157 Mother's Day Show with Susan Graham

    Mother's Day Show
    GOOD THING: Lilac Centerpiece for Mother's Day
    BAKING: Lemony Angel Food Cake with opera singer Susan Graham (and her mom, Marlene Fitzsimmons)
    GARDENING: Planting and Pruning Bare Root Rose Bushes with Sarah Owens
    STYLE: Fashion Fixes for Real People with Kelly Lee

  • MSS4 E158 Celebrate Spring: Hat Day

    Hat Day (Everyone in the Audience wearing their favorite hat)
    Martha discusses the Central Park Conservancy Lunch (Annual Charity Luncheon; All Attendees Wear Hats)
    CRAFT: Embellishing a Hat with Hannah Milman
    BAKING: Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches with Erin McKenna (Babycakes)
    CRAFT: Kids...

  • MSS4 E159 Mother's Day Show with Abigail Breslin & Chef Michael White

    Mother's Day Show
    Martha's reads inscription in gift from Mrs. Kostyra
    GOOD THING: Mother's Day Gifts
    CRAFT: Coupon Book for Moms with Abigail Breslin
    Flowers for Mother's Day with Jim McCann
    COOKING: Pasta with Broccoli Rabe Pesto, Calamari, & Olives with Chef Michael White
    COOKING: Fis...

  • MSS5 E073 The Future of Aging & Wellness

    The Martha Stewart Center for Living Show
    INTERVIEW: The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sina with Dr. Audrey Chun & Dr. Albert Siu
    INTERVIEW: The Future of Geriatric Care with Dr. Audrey Chun & Dr. Albert Siu
    COOKING: Cheese Souffle with Judith Jones
    LEARNING: Table Tennis with Au...

  • MSS5 E154 Mother's Day Show with Jim Parsons

    Mother's Day Show
    COOKING: Yellow Pepper Soup with Marco Canora (his mom Laura Sbrana is in the audience)
    COOKING: Asparagus Risotto with Marco Canora
    CRAFT: Mother's Day Craft with Jim Parsons (his mom Judy Ann Parsons helps with the craft)
    CRAFT: Mother's Day Accordion Place Card with Ale...

  • MSS6 E044 Secrets to Staying Young

    The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Show
    WHOLE LIVING: Healthy Aging with Dr Audrey Chun, Esther Tuttle, & Roger Gentilhomme
    COOKING: Chicken with Vindaloo Spices with Madhur Jaffrey
    INTERVIEW: Andrew Jenks
    GARDENING: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older with Sydney Eddison...

  • MSS6 E146 Mother's Day Show

    Mother's Day Show
    WEDDINGS: Mother-of-the-Bride Hairstyles with Darcy Miller
    COOKING: Cold-Poached Salmon with Cucumber Salad with Bruce & Eric Bromberg (their mom, Sarah, is in the audience)
    COOKING: Mom's Egg Salad Sandwich with Bruce & Eric Bromberg
    CRAFT: Swarovski Crystal Embellished B...

  • MSS7 E026 The Sticky Show with Chef Anita Lo

    The Sticky Show
    COOKING: Mother's BBQ Spare Ribs, Sticky Rice, & Sauteed Chinese Broccoli with Garlic with Anita Lo
    CRAFT: Rope Bangle with Kristin St. Clair
    HOMEKEEPING: Sticky Situations and Solutions
    BAKING: Stickiest Sticky Toffee Pudding with Nora Singley

  • MSS7 E071 The "Mother Knows Best" Show with Jessica Alba

    The "Mother Knows Best" Show
    COOKING: Organic Meatballs with Jessica Alba
    COOKING: Roasted Squash with Parmesan Cheese and Herbs with Jessica Alba
    CRAFT: Upcycled T-Shirt Dress with Cheri Heaton
    HOMEKEEPING: Laundry Care Tips
    TAPE PIECE: American Museum of Natural History

  • MSS7 E140 Mother's Day Show

    Mother's Day Show
    COOKING: Mother's Sour Cream Cookies with Elizabeth Gilbert
    MARTHA'S MUST-HAVES: Mother's Day Edition/Staff Mom Picks
    CRAFT: Clay Flower Wreath with Yukiko Miyai
    DECORATING: 7 Essential Pieces of Furniture for your Home
    COOKING: Swirl Meringues with Kristina Kurek

  • MSL Season 5 Episode 025V

    -Canning Tomatoes DYK
    -Canning Tomatoes
    -Cutting Garden
    -Arranging Flowers from Cutting

  • MSL Season 5 Episode 044V Potato Pierogi with Mrs. Kostyra

    - Polish Heritage
    - Potato Pierogi
    - Tropical Plants
    - GOOD THING: Parsley Potato Chips

  • MSL Season 5 Episode 111V Polish Mushroom Soup, Cabbage Pierogi, & Mincemeat Pie

    - Polish Mushroom Soup
    - Cabbage Pierogi
    - Mincemeat Pie with Mrs. Kostyra

  • MSL Season 5 Episode 351V

    - Picture Frame Tray Pt. 1
    - Picture Frame Tray Pt. 2
    - Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed
    - Style Project for Mother's Day

  • MSL Season 7 Episode 014V The Family Show & Rice Pudding with Mrs. Kostyra

    - Rice Pudding with Mrs. Kostyra
    - Raising Chinchillas
    - Tree Identification
    - Family Tree Comes to Life
    - Oral History with Mrs. Kostyra
    - Chicken Pot Pie 101